PZ - Air-Atomizing nozzle

Specially designed for dust suppression applications

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Design Features of the PZ nozzle

Dust Suppression
The BETE PZ-nozzle has been specially developed for highest efficiency in dust suppression. The modular design allows this nozzle to operate in a vast variety of applications.

Wear and Tear:
The BETE PZ-nozzle is designed to avoid high maintenance costs due to wear and tear.
All components can be replaced individually (e.g. only the nozzle [4] or only the air-cap [2]).

Adjustable (water + air consumption):
Nozzle operation is easily fine tuned for any application by adjusting the inlet pressures.

Adjustable (Direction):
Flexible designs allow the nozzles to be installed in optimal locations close to the dust generation points, increasing dust suppression efficiency and minimizing water and air consumption.

Easy to maintain:
All parts can be disassembled quickly without special tools allowing for quick turn arounds and preventing long down times

Can be used in single-nozzle adapters or in specially designed manifolds for multiple nozzles.

Spray characteristics

  • Full cone (oval)
  • Fine atomization
  • Long distance spraying
Applications (e.g.)
for the PZ nozzle:

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