Roadheaders / Continuous Mining

To adapt to the variety of different roadheaders from all manufacturers, BETE has developed a universal manifold that can be customized to optimize the nozzle configuration on each individual machine

We have the know-how to design nozzle systems in accordance with the appropriate local regulations and if necessary, provide help for our clients with the necessary approvals.

The great strength of BETE is our customer service, from the system development to final inspection at a testing laboratory, to deployment on site.

Conveyors / Transfers / Discharges

Furthermore, BETE offers specialized products for all areas of conveyor technology. Our product range includes both low and high pressure misting nozzles as well as air atomizing (two-fluid) nozzles for greater spray projection. All of our spray nozzles can be supplied individually or as part of a complete system.

In these applications, the great strength of BETE is our customer service, from the development of an appropriate system to installation and use on site.

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